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Free Gift! a special numbered, Signed, printed original Art Photo - With $100- and up donation
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Visit the Gallery - It's filled with fun original real images of interesting perspective and lighting.
Feel free to use one as a Background or something, my way as saying Thank You for your visit and support.
For Commercial use or to purchase a print please contact me - Thanks


Help me raise funds and give your project the perfect domain name - We both win...

Domain Name Special - $1,950 each Your choice! Limited time...  


Domain Name Special Clearance - Let's make a deal! Contact me for price.  
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Rose & Light
With qualified donations, Choose this or any photo from the Gallery...and a Limited Edition art print will be shipped to you free as a donor premium...

Or, you may choose Set of 5 Official All Star Promotional Posters - Vintage 2001
Featuring these players voted MVP in previous games:
 Derek Jeter - Mike Piazza - Pedro Martinez - Ken Griffey jr - Ichiro Suzuki


Or, you may choose 1/2oz organic California Cannabis! - As a Thank You for your donation.- Some Limitations Apply. So help me raise funds for my Projects, including the Cat Rescue - And get a Gift for your generous Donation.


The Easter Light  

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dalebaron golden closet  

NEW Feature Coming Soon!

I will be opening my closet and selling clothes and accessories and whatever else I can find, right here on my website as well as on ebay and maybe poshmark or amazon.

Maybe we will have some fun, maybe you will find something special and help me out at the same time... I tend to collect things so who knows what you will find. Watch for these sales coming soon!