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Three little Kittens

Bradly Spot Eilsa
Bradly Spot Eilsa
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Three little Kittens and their Mother were rescued from their makeshift place of birth in a storage shed and saved from a life on the streets, and I had four new kitties just like that. They were happily raised as a family and brought much joy in return. Though, there would be sorrow at the sickness and death of Spot at only 3 years. They were all somewhat close, and when Spot died we lost a friend.
In the last days of Spots life we all came to check on him and spend time with him, we all knew he was gravely ill and his mother Amy would cuddle with him and lick his face. It was easy to see, Spot was cared for greatly by his family of cats and people.


And now 2 years later, Bradly is falling ill with kidney problems... He will need Vet care and testing costing hundreds of dollars for a chance to prolong his life. Why?, is a cat worth that, you ask. Of course he is, I would say, he is family

More of their story will come and others too, but I do hope you will take a few moments to donate something, anything, we all thank you.
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Brads med