Donation Page
  The donation page by paypal is no longer active. I will be looking into other options, maybe NFT postings of my photos and images or other digital creations. Maybe there are good people in this world that would like to help.

 If you would like to partner with me on NFTs and are proficient in this type of fund raising, I would be willing to split any proceeds.

I would provide unique material and you would handle the process, therefore making transactions more equitable and valuable for all involved.

Contact me at

I do not currently have internet service and borrow open wi-fi when I can, so expect delays in response.

If you would like to make any donations through mail, I can accept cash, pre-paid debit card or gift cards, etc. at this mail address:

On-Site, Attn:dale
P.O. Box 5636
Fresno, CA 93755

Also, I am in need of any mobile computer, my hp laptop hardware has crashed and I am stuck with an old desktop system I run on a power inverter when needed, so if you want to donate your old computer you have sitting around, I may be interested. Thanks.