Sancti spiritus



There was a time, even as late as Greece, when Religion, Art
and Science were taught unitedly in the Mystery-temples. But it
was necessary to the better development of each that they
should separate for a time.

Religion held sole sway in the so-called "dark ages." During
that time it bound both Science and Art hand and foot.
Then came the period of the Renaissance and Art came to the
fore in all its branches. Religion was strong as yet, however,
and Art was only too often prostituted in the service of Religion.
Last came the wave of modern Science, and with iron hand it
has subjugated Religion.

It was a detriment to the world when Religion shackled
Science. Ignorance and Superstition caused untold woe, nevertheless
man cherished a lofty spiritual ideal then; he hoped for
a higher and better life. It is infinitely more disastrous that
Science is killing Religion, for now even Hope, the only gift
of the gods left in Pandora's box, may vanish before Materialism
and Agnosticism.

Such a state cannot continue. Reaction must set in. If
it does not, Anarchy will rend the Cosmos. To avert a calamity
Religion, Science and Art must reunite in a higher expression
of the Good, the True and the Beautiful than obtained before
the separation.

Coming events cast their shadows before, and when the Great
Leaders of humanity saw the tendency towards ultra-materialism
which is now rampant in the Western World, they took certain
steps to counteract and transmute it at the auspicious time.

They did not wish to kill the budding Science as the latter has
strangled Religion, for they saw the ultimate good which will
result when an advanced Science has again become the co-worker
of Religion.