Welcome to this page, the PHP Forum Guest Book previously here has failed to provide any apparent value to Visitors or otherwise help my objectives and is no longer linked to on my site. Though it is still functional for now if access is needed, I may remove it entirely in the near future in order to try something better suited to everyone.

With over 120 registered users during the test run, not any cared to post anything in the Forum even though I gave every user full ability to do so. With the Exception, one user did not want to include me in their conversation and posted in a Foreign Language. I do seem to have a worldwide following, but I can not translate at this time and must stay with English as the only acceptable language in forums and feedback. Further 5000 hits a month to the user control panel directly without any posts suggests the PHP Forum software was being abused in some way.

So, Tell Me what you think about my site or improvements you would like to see, or anything else that comes to mind. I welcome all of your comments and suggestions and I want to provide a place where your thoughts can be expressed on the many hot topics I provide through out my website.

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