Welcome to my Home Project

This old house needs so much work I am very glad your here.

Come on over for a while, maybe you can help me get some of these projects done, I am sure you have some great ideas on what I should do.

I'll show you some projects, and tell you some stories about the house.
We'll have fun!

hand and foot 9-13-40
  Owner Backstory
September 13th 1940, We'll start here. This was the day my dad poured the front porch of my very own playhouse he made just for me. Our big house was just finished being built and this little room was on the back of the garage, a perfect little playhouse! D.C.

We can see more of that later, for now I will show you  some stuff that needs fixing and things I have done.
House and D.C. July 1941 D.C. + Mitzi in Backyard 1950


Corner Windows
Single pain windows are okay but maybe double pain is the new standard for a reason
A strong wind damaged some panels

Electrical- some old wiring can be made safe by wrapping but I would rather replace, so I have been working on that.

Rusty on Ladder ↑          Stanley crosses legs →

Both are gone now, Rusty first then Stan a year later - brothers gone to unknown places
Stanly X

Patio Roof - this top would be removed but the core was good

The planner is useful in giving a new surface to much of the old wood then it can be used again.
chair and door Here is the inside of the living room looking into the dining room -

This project is un-funded so it sits this way for now.

More to come, I'll show you projects I have done and those still to go.

And, I will tell more of the story about the house that is our project.
I Hope I will be able to find donors and I will be able to write a wonderful conclusion, so that is the main project now.


The Original Patio Roof Gets Rebuilt

FYI: If you visit the Gallery you will find that most all photos are from the Backyard of this house!


Sad to say the family may loose this house, the taxes are unbearable and it sits empty.

Selling in such bad condition and now during current events that they are, the selling price would be difficult to take.