about dalebaron Hello

Welcome to my website -

I 'm putting all my projects together here for a better overall experience but I need to raise funds, so if you can help out in any way that would be great, please tell your Friends!

I will always work to give back what I can. And, with Photography I want to make your experience here a joy.
The projects that desperately need funds are the House and Cars.  You can Watch, and take part in decisions. If I can get the cars funded, I plan to Auction them off for a good cause.

It'll be fun and unique, You wont find this on HGTV.

The HostRing project was setup for anyone that wants a top online service without all the costs like Godaddy. It's a strait forward but powerful service that was started to help my Rescue Cat project, so choose HostRing and we all win. 

I have domains for sale! if you need a good domain name maybe you can find one here.

The Gallery project is so maybe you can find some inspiration in my special photos. They are REAL photos in the Real Album, not computer crafted creations. They are amazing, fun, interesting and inspirational. There is nothing else like them., Please check out the gallery!

The Blog was going to be for the house project, I'm not sure, I might use it for general stuff instead, at least for now.

The Visualizations project will be uplifting, inspirational or Healing for those into the Meditation and Yoga practices of self help and will include Musical Audio meditations and perhaps subliminal positive reinforcements.

More to Come!

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