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  >Read Here< - Fresno Fly over December 3rd 2020 6:00pm clear early night...COVID Drones - UFOs  
Fresno bees drink socialism poison

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Any thoughts on the Artwork?

Like maybe the Cool Aid represents sweet lies they drink up from their socialists masters. Or, is it the poison from their leader that will ultimately be the death of them...     hmm

They are indeed celebrating, they are on top of the world. But, their dirty deeds will impact them, prepare for that.

 Seems to me the Jeopardy game show rules need to disallow machine enhanced contestants like James, Matt and Amy, it's unfair to the regular contestants.
 Is the show being used as a technology proving ground, or what. These three seem un-natural, like with implanted Alexa technology, hey google, are implants possible?. ARTICLE

Is Democracy under attack in America?  - The Democrat party has already been taken over by Globalist elite that use Marxist, Communist, Socialist, Atheist and Fascist tactics to divide US and seize control and the Mainstream Republicans are often enablers, this is the Uni-Party. Moreover, election manipulation continues, federal agencies are used for political attacks, the mainstream media and Hollywood is a partisan tool and the education system indoctrinates, all toward the leftist big government machine controlled by evil-elite. Though this machine is formidable it is not invincible, the Good fight of the people continues and has even made progress, so on we go... come join us! ...come join us!,  join the Goodness!     >TRUMP>TRUMP>TRUMP>TRUMP>

Death to Ranked Choice Voting, a Soros backed Fascist-Left plot to fundamentally change the voting process and eliminate competition by the less funded but growing grass-roots populist movement. This promotes voting on candidates you don't want, even if you place them 2nd,3rd or last you are still tricked to vote for them! How is this legal? It ends up favoring 2nd choice candidates and it's bad for US.

If you want to understand their tactics, then learn their history and their plan. - Read this Book and Watch this Video and This Video
Election Fraud ?  
Yes, We know we have corruption in America and Biden is a criminal Traitor and Trump is the best one to deal with it. But, whatever country you live in, look at your leaders because this has spread worldwide due to the Globalist plan for World Domination and they infiltrate all positions of power and use any means to serve their own interests.

 Here is the thing, we've had constant twisting of facts and attack reporting by the controlled mainstream media, we've had social media censorship of information of political importance, we've had a propagated pandemic used for Leftist political gain and psychological control and manipulation of the population in mass, we've had agitators directing unrest with looting and historical monument destruction. All these things and more are used to illegally influence Our Election.

This amounts to a fraud perpetrated on the American people by the Left wing powers in the U.S. and the world. It is clear influence groups have worked to control events for their own goals. The voting was certainly affected by the concert of these events and manipulations perpetrated. (mules, harvesting, delayed counting, black-box voting, ballots without verification, orchestrated voting equipment failures, Anti-American activities of  DOJ and FBI...)

So can it be a legit Election with all that just ignored and are the resulting votes legal; It amounts to illegal votes. Any gain from a fraud is an ill-gotten gain and lawfully should be restored to the injured party.


Tri-Lateral Commission stated purpose

The Pope in his encyclical Quanta Cura issued the following statement: "Socialism, Communism, Clandestine Societies... pests of this sort must be destroyed by all means."

 I might add,  These Elections are interfered and manipulated by Foreign & Domestic actors  working in singularity of purpose for the advancement of the leftist takeover of America. And, they use every means possible lawful and unlawful to further their agenda. Who Polices this kind of activity?

 So how does one argue the Elections are Stolen? Simple, it's a matter of theft by false pretense. The victims in this case are all Americans especially the ones that fell for it hook line and sinker, the unknowingly misguided citizens that were prodded to vote for the leftist choice of Biden. This is anyone that used the false narrative presented in the main stream media and other provocateurs, in their decision making. If one is acting upon the false narrative they are fed and will do anything for the monster, the vote is based on lies and a fraud, and is therefore illegal.

 And you will see there is a great deal of evidence pointing to intentional fraud, just look at the Trump article link below for one, or others easily found. It is indeed a merciless worldwide campaign to capture power by the hidden hand, and it has been going on for years now. But it came to this level when Trump, an outsider, a Nationalist!, won election against their plans and thus had to be dealt with by all means... so here we are against Our true best interest and against the interests of the worlds people that want to be free to self govern,, going back under global control it would seem. Unless...

 Of course, Donald J. Trump himself is an American Hero and a President they would try to defame most of all. You know, Marie Antoinette and the Donald have something in common now, L'Infamie

 This devious modus-operandi is not new, it's common to them that darkly work to subvert Democracy. Oh, and congratulations to Trump, a second failed impeachment makes history!. And certainly, when brought about by the Psychopathic Globalists that wish to completely control America, you can be proud to so earn their ire. Thanks and good work, keep it up.

ABC news made a program they call California Dreaming and I call Largely Propaganda. Really, people don't leave the state because it is just "Growing Up"

No, It takes money and effort to to move out of state, so the compelling reason is that the state is over burdening residents with extreme taxes and general costs to live. It is so bad for them that a better option can be found elsewhere.

The CA Dream has been broken by the ever expanding socialist policies CA is known for. It is not sustainable.

And the propaganda is being pushed to support the liberal status quo and keep Newsom in office. If the State is Growing Up, maybe differently than they think.

It's time to pay the Piper.


Reasonable California Government

For a Change


They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty, nor security. ~ Benjamin Franklin

Vaccination by Law, Required Vaccination, Forced Vaccination,. This is the ultimate natural rights violation. Here we have laws that usurp God given rights to self determination, we lose the right to decide what goes into our own body and that of our children. The vaccination itself is a variable and can be made in many different ways, what might be safe in one formula may not be in another. This must remain a personal right, this an essential liberty that the people of America and everywhere, should never give up, ever. (btw, if its even a vaccine is debatable)


Not an Anti-Vax message but pro individual Liberty, it should always be your choice. Would I get it?
California vaccine law
Sad to say these women felt they couldn't win, and they dropped the referendum. California residents lose their right to choose and another liberty bites the dust under Democrat Socialist Liberalism in this State. It's not over. Though now the scare tactics are in full force with corona.

Of course you do realize, This new strain Corona virus (aka, the Chinavirus or covid19) was likely created in a Lab in China and intentionally released and the researcher involved with it was creatively silenced.

Now using Fear, Watch for "A New Normal" to emerge where Freedoms and Rights are further degraded and World Government and Control is promoted... And, every other little plot in waiting is put in place during this exaggerated  time of crisis.

  >> A History about the Beginning of AIDS - Let's take a trip back in time, and see what was said of HIV - Click Here. <<
You Never want a serious Crisis to go to Waste  Corona - 911

 You Never want a serious Crisis to go to Waste ~ Rahm Emanuel

California Lockdown -

Okay, I just heard what sounded like a power grab, a domination of government over people delivered flippantly by Cal. Gov. Newsom in his 'statewide shelter at home' speech. Constitutional rights such as the right to assemble are being curtailed. Under what law is not stated, but to remove such rights without lawful authority, is a power grab.

And, the high numbers he stated on infection rates would require aerial mist distribution, what does he know? Or, does he just want to look good when those numbers do not materialize.


And No, the liberal medical elite or City Mayors or state governors do not have the power to suspend, modify or nullify the Constitution of America. 
Is it Prudent to use reasonable care.- like duh.   Should you give up rights, liberty or freedom. by threat. - Not in America.
 Thinking like Them for a Moment-
 Socialist Globalism Must Prevail at All Cost... we use the medical option. Its payback time, those countries with populist uprisings will get our most Special attention. Hong Kong black umbrella protest, ha. French yellow vests, ha.  Brexit, ha. Trump you dare Resist Us!... look who's laughing now... having fun with your little bug problems... how is your beautiful economy now, your election?. That's just the start of it, Our medical experts are in place, the media is set, our governments around the world will reclaim their dominance and this freedom driven populist dissension will end. The fear beget our sheep return, freedom is what we tell you it is, we prevail. Next Step.

Free at last, Free at last, thank God Britain'ers are Free of EU at last! - But there is more to do...Yes

These lockdowns are bad news. The effectiveness of social distancing in regards to virus transmission is much overblown, even common masks are only somewhat effective(filtering10% of virus is totally ineffective) and in many cases the ventilator causes more harm than good. People need to get back to work for their own health and well being. Nearly Ninety-Five percent of the people infected experience minor symptoms and get over it, corona viruses as a group have been infecting people for years. Staying indoors has previously been cited as a cause of increased winter infections. Of course it is unfortunate that some people will have complications, but like with the flu, we can not shut down and put under outside control all aspects of our life! It's just wrong for America. And it is not all about the economic disaster, it is much about Freedom and individual Liberty. The land of the free the home of the brave, as opposed to the land of the enslaved and the home of the whipped. Freedom has always been under attack but it's defense is required, and for many, has been worth dying for. - Of course, comforting to know the federal reserve branch central bank that controls U.S. currency will be quite happy to finance our new Debt at a wonderful rate... 
You know, this really should be one of your easiest decisions; Let's face the music and move on. We can not let this continue to wreak havoc in so many ways, we must fight every attempt to have this become a 911 type reason for tyranny and future attacks and become an ever more invasive and controlling influence by outside forces. The people have lost control of their lives with the viral mentality, control must be given back to the people to decide for themselves, as adults, if they wish to stay in and isolate, so be it. However, if they wish to be brave and take responsibility and carry on as a free people, they should be able to do so without the threat of fines or prosecution for standing up for their beliefs. The hospital workers will be fine, people will die, a sad but acceptable percentage. But, if you wait for the medical "experts" to say it is all safe for everyone you will be waiting in perpetuity, there will always be a risk of some sort for the vulnerable, as with any infection.
And, you can tell there is an underlying direction being promoted; by watching the news, advertisements and other controlled media. If you have seen the documentary 'The Obama Deception' you will see how the media gets behind their product in orchestra. The pitch in the news today is all out inflammatory, but the pitch in ads seems to be comforting and all is well, better days ahead, we are all in this together, and so on with the pacifier sentiments. Further, is a promotion toward a populace with no unapproved proximity with others but yet a communal priority and an all encompassing controlled online existence. This goes beyond the virus and seems intended to fundamentally nudge society in a planed direction.

EU court oversteps authority, facebook  
European Court trumps liberty  EU Court verses freedom of information:

So, here we have a liberal EU Court that wants World Power
and Authority, so they take it upon themselves to seize it for themselves and issue rulings they would have you believe are enforceable world wide. I am sure there are many Sovereign Nations that would take issue and offense with their Claims.

This is Not Brussels vs. Tech companies, it's Brussels verses the free world and People everywhere should beware.

They totally want to control the flow of information in order to totally control dissenting voices, and the course of all events worldwide. Any opinion that gets in their way will become some kind of dis-information that must be banned or diminished through the guise of lawful authority. This is highly objectionable and infringes upon the rights of all U.S. citizens.

They in essence, claim authority over our Constitution.



The Bee is known to print propaganda... they are the Main Stream Media. They occasionally print other news as well.
Goodbye natural gas in calif?
So let's see, No more Natural Gas! - insane people truly must be in charge of things.

Enemy within
Yeah I get it, the cartoon tries to be derogatory - but in fact the statements are quite accurate.
And let's see, the same day of his 'Future Belongs to Patriots' comment Sept 24th at U.N. Pelosi announced impeachment... hmm, Coincidence perhaps, or Not.
Is it Strange that New York had the big virus problem,- Oh wait, isn't that where he lived or something.

Notable Letters to Editor, Archive:    
Activist Teens
Marchers courage
  Ashamed Democrat
Okay Boomer, says the CoolAid drinker, Okaay boomer, says the Flockers. - just more Divisions you know. Life is a teacher, you learn today.

Witchcraft 101 :Harry Potter & the Anti-Christ

 A USA Today news story by parent, Ken McCormick of Birchrunville, PA, discovered “a general nastiness, underneath the mantle of cuteness” in the Harry Potter books.  The article further stated, “The kids lie, they steal, they take revenge,” the father of 8- and 11-year-old children told the newspaper.  “This is a disturbing moral world, and it conflicts with what I am trying to teach my children.” 

        School Library Journal praised the Potter books and listed a quote from a senior librarian.  Her article, called “Witchcraft 101,” stated, “Witchcraft or Wicca is a small but growing religion.”  She goes on to say, “the teen who wants to know about spells is not going to be satisfied with [just] an entertaining novel.”  (Reprinted from an article entitled, “Harry Potter Controversy,” written by Pamela Newby, which appeared on the CBN News website.)

‘He is with me wherever I go,’ said Quirrell quietly, referring to Voldemort.  ‘I met him when I traveled around the world.  A foolish young man I was then, full of ridiculous ideas about good and evil.  Lord Voldemort showed me how wrong I was.  There is no good and evil, there is only power, and those too weak to seek it … Since then, I have served him faithfully.’

Billy Graham

List of Political Parties that want to control the Path of America: Click HERE & Why not have a look, the: Constitution & Amendments

Those who are raging to-day against the ideals of reason and individual liberty
and are trying to establish a spiritless State-slavery by brute force rightly see
in us their irreconcilable foes. History has given us a difficult row to hoe; but
so long as we remain devoted servants of truth, justice, and liberty, we shall

Albert Einstein

Dam News:

Flooding worries rise as rain keeps falling

Downstream areas take precautions as a series of storms lines up.

(Updated Tuesday, April 4, 2006, 6:23 AM)

Mark Crosse / The Fresno Bee

Several pregnant spring storms have given birth to a new concern during this wet season — is there a flood in our near future?

The National Weather Service was concerned about the possibility Monday night in central Fresno County, issuing a flood warning for areas downstream of Friant Dam. The Bureau of Reclamation, which operates the dam, said it expected flows from the dam to exceed 8,000 cubic feet — nearly 60,000 gallons — per second by 8 p.m.

The warning was expected to be in force through 2 a.m. today.

Since Sunday, dam tenders have poured enough water from Millerton Lake into the San Joaquin River to supply most of Clovis for an entire year. The water has refilled the dry parts of the river, which drains into the Pacific Ocean.

"The flow is being controlled," said Steve Chedester, executive director of the San Joaquin River Exchange Contractors Water Authority, representing downstream farmers. "There's just nowhere to put it."

North of Fresno, the rain caused flooding in Atwater and Merced. Merced police reported nonstop flooding calls. Some residents reported water at their back doors. They were told to go to Fire Station Company 51 on 16th Street near G Street to get sandbags.

The problem was less severe around Fresno, although residents of Wildwood Mobile Home Park just north of Fresno on Highway 41 were closely watching rising waters.

At the Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District, General Manager Bob Van Wyk said area ponding basins are in good shape. Systemwide, he said, the district is ready to deal with as much as 2 1/2 inches of rain.

"We've been pumping all weekend ... to create as much capacity as we can," he said. "Because what's been happening this year is breaking a lot of records, we're treating this event as being different."

On Monday night, some residents of Friant, just below Millerton Lake, opted to leave their homes when told that flooding was possible if the volume of water released from the dam increased, the Fresno County Sheriff's Department said

And more rain is on the way. The storm is expected to clear out late today and Wednesday, but forecasts call for another front to move into the area Friday. Yet another storm is expected to follow Sunday, according to the National Weather Service.

Water in Millerton Lake is about four feet from the top of the spillway at Friant Dam, which was expected to release 60,000 gallons per second Monday night into the San Joaquin River.

Water in Millerton Lake is about four feet from the top of the spillway at Friant Dam, which was expected to release 60,000 gallons per second Monday night into the San Joaquin River.

Mark Crosse / The Fresno Bee

A flood warning for foothill areas will continue today, the weather service said. Though no major flooding was reported Monday, officials advised the public to be aware that streams might be running high.

The rainfall also caused a mudslide on the four-lane portion of Highway 168 on the way to Shaver Lake. One eastbound lane will stay closed until Wednesday, the California Highway Patrol said.

"The tropics are feeding warmer air into this storm," said meteorologist Gary Sanger of the National Weather Service in Hanford. "You're getting a lot of rainfall in the foothills."

The weather service said there is an 80% chance of rain today in Fresno and throughout Central California. The temperature is expected to reach the 60s in many San Joaquin Valley cities.

Rain fell sporadically from Sunday evening through Monday afternoon. By 11 p.m. Monday, the storm had dropped about 0.74 of an inch in Fresno.

Fresno's season total has reached 11.72 inches. Now in early April, the city has more rainfall than the 11.23 inches normally expected for an entire season, which runs from July 1 to June 30.

The snowpack in the southern Sierra has built up to 134% of average, while the figure in the northern Sierra has gone beyond 150% of average.

Water is being released from many major California reservoirs to make enough room for big snowmelt runoff later on. Lake Shasta, a massive reservoir in Northern California, is releasing enough water each day to supply 75% of Fresno for a year.

"It's amazing how fast the weather can turn around," said Tony Buelna, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation operations chief at Friant Dam.

The bureau had been releasing about 7,000 cubic feet of water per second from Friant Dam at Millerton Lake. Combined with Friant water releases from Sunday, the water would easily supply a city of almost 90,000 people for a year.

Water also is being released from Pine Flat Reservoir to the Kings River, according to Steve Haugen, water master for the Kings River Water Association. Some water will go through a slough to the San Joaquin, creating an uncommon link between the two large rivers.

"We're expecting the flood releases to continue through May," Haugen said.

Meteorologist Sanger said a series of storms stretches from the Sea of Japan to an area south of the Aleutian Islands. The storms are expected to continue spraying California like a fire hose.

"Some of our most severe weather has come in April," Sanger said. "On April 5, 1980, we documented the strongest tornado in the Valley since the 1950s. It doesn't look like we'll get tornadoes now, but funnel clouds are still possible."


Robert Nieto, left, Jerry Pretzer and John Williams take part in opening the four 96-inch valves the Bureau of Reclamation operates at Friant Dam to release water into the San Joaquin River. Weather predictions and limited storage capacity in the river drainage system prompted an increase Monday in the water released.

Robert Nieto, left, Jerry Pretzer and John Williams take part in opening the four 96-inch valves the Bureau of Reclamation operates at Friant Dam to release water into the San Joaquin River. Weather predictions and limited storage capacity in the river drainage system prompted an increase Monday in the water released.

Mark Crosse / The Fresno Bee

Dam Links:   - Release Data - Rafting Info. - Release Notice - Full View Picture  -  Statistics  -

Friant Dam IR
Photographer's Note: Kodak High Speed IR Film with #25 red filter. Old Nikon FMII manual camera + equally old lens. Friant, CA. I did this when I was taking my first photography class at my local community college.


Obermeyer Hydro, Inc   The second largest component of the Central Valley Project, Friant Dam is located along the San Joaquin River, 20 miles northeast of Fresno. Upon completion, the gravity-type dam served multiple purposes, including flood control, irrigation and diversion to canals. In a joint venture with Bent Construction, Griffith Company was awarded the contract for the construction of Friant Dam in 1940.

The dam was constructed to capture and store water as it headed toward the ocean, then deliver the water to areas that needed it most. Once completed, Friant Dam created Millerton Lake, a reservoir with a capacity of 520,000 acre-feet of water. The retained water was then diverted for irrigation in the San Joaquin Valley via two canals. To furnish the massive amounts of aggregate for the dam and canals, our crews built an automated, electrical rock plant considered very sophisticated for its time. We also constructed a private railroad to convey the aggregate from the plant to the site.

In terms of size and scale, Friant Dam came in a close second behind Shasta Dam. Around the time of construction, Friant was the fourth largest dam in the world. At nearly 3,500 feet, the dam’s top length rivals that of Shasta. In the three years it took us to complete the dam, Griffith Company provided employment for 2,500 workers, during a time when work was scarce


early dam construction

The Beginning:
The first concrete was poured at Friant Dam on July 29, 1940. Four small, diesel-electric cars ran on two tracks each transporting 4-cubic-yard buckets. The cars were lifted from the track by two 30-ton gantry cranes and lowered on to the forms. Steel trestles standing 210 feet high, and 2.200 feet long, supported the track system. Along the trestles ran two huge hammerhead cranes with 300-foot arms and a "whirley" crane with a 125-foot boom. Supplementing the hammerheads and revolving derricks were a pair of stiff-leg derricks with 180-foot booms. This system poured 5,500 cubic yards of concrete each day. The final yard of concrete was placed on June 16, 1942. A total of 2,130,480 cubic yards of concrete went into building Friant Dam, ranking the dam as the fourth largest dam in the world behind Boulder, Grand Coulee, and Shasta Dams.

Friant Dam finished in November 1944. In July 1945 construction began to build the Friant-Kern Canal. The Friant-Kern Canal outlet works are located on the left side of the spillway. Excavation work began in August 1945. On July 9, 1949, 2,500 people watched the first delivery of water to a citrus grower. The system became fully operational on June 29, 1951. Except for the Delta-Mendota Canal, the Friant-Kern is the largest lined canal in the West.

Friant Dam, 1940-42



More Dam News:

U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) Purchases WhisprWave® Floating Small Craft Intrusion Barrier™ (SCIB™)

US Bureau of Reclamation - South Central California Area Office Contracts Order for Friant Dam
Summit, New Jersey - January 20, 2004 - Wave Dispersion Technologies (WDT) announced it has received a purchase order from the United States Department for the Interior (DOI), Bureau of Reclamation South Central California Area, for installation of a WhisprWave® Small Craft Intrusion Barrier™ (SCIB™ at Friant Dam in Fresno, California for dam security purposes. The mandate of the Bureau of Reclamation is to manage, develop, and protect water and related resources in an environmentally and economically efficient manner. The WhisprWave® Barrier Technology is designed to address possible breakaway small craft and homeland security issues made more immediate by the post 9/11 era. Delivery is estimated for the end of March 2004.

"The Bureau of Reclamation manages 365 dams, and we are confident this is the first of several contracts and installations using our unique floating barrier," stated C.E.O. Dennis Smith.

The WhisprWave® is specifically designed in a modular format to increase the product's flexibility and strength for maritime applications. WhisprWave®'s distinct design and application allow it to withstand adverse marine conditions such as large storm waves and sustained winds of more than 100 MPH.

Maritime Port Security Buoys and Barriers:
To facilitate the security needs of the US Navy, US Coast Guard, US Army, US Army Corps of Engineers, other government agencies and commercial interests, the company has developed the WhisprWave® Technology line of Maritime Intrusion and Exclusion Barriers and Warning Buoys for Homeland Security and Force Protection. The unique characteristics of the WhisprWave® Homeland Defense Products include mobility, marine grade design and off-the-shelf availability for Homeland Security maritime zone demarcation applications, (a requirement recently mandated by the USCG for all nuclear power plants post 9/11).


About WDT: whisprwave
The Global Leader in Maritime Homeland Port Security Barrier & Buoy Protection Systems
Wave Dispersion Technologies, Inc. (WDT) has developed the patented WhisprWave® floating articulated breakwater technology to afford erosion control protection to shoreline beaches, coastal marinas, anchorages, and other areas subject to destructive erosion wave / wake forces. The WhisprWave® is currently installed, being demonstrated or being reviewed by several agencies including the US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE), US Navy (USN), US Coast Guard (USCG), US Army (USA) and several US States for applications that range from Homeland Security / Force Protection to Beach Erosion Protection to Marina Wave & Wake Protection.

About the United States Department of the Interior:


About the Bureau of Reclamation:
Established in 1902, the Bureau of Reclamation is best known for the dams, power plants, and canals it constructed in the 17 western states. These water projects led to homesteading and promoted the economic development of the West. Reclamation has constructed more than 600 dams and reservoirs including Hoover Dam on the Colorado River and Grand Coulee on the Columbia River.

California Dams:


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