I saw this and knew there was energy in the air, I've seen this before so I grabbed my camera. 

This day happened to be the start of two interesting events. For one, central California was about to experience an "Atmospheric River" weather event where the prevailing wind coming off the coast took a sharp turn through the central valley with great precipitation.

The other, was the start of a military "Training" event in Fresno where various types of military aircraft, predominantly fighter jets, were flying into the Fresno area, it was reported without detail in the TV NEWS, but Maybe testing aircraft in the energy fields.


Various Energy Frequencies radiating from the skies upper hemisphere affects clouds as ripples in multiple directional patterns. All of this is real and was moving in the same NE direction by the prevailing wind, which in this photo is towards you.


Yes, climate change is real and human caused! But, not like we are told. Excess C02, wind turbulence or ground terrain will not cause these patterns. So, What Will? - It's not cellular or radio, tv, wifi or radar, those are much higher frequencies than what shows in the clouds.
This Page will try to explain the capabilities of the High-frequency Active Aurora Research Program better known as HAARP, and other Nikola Tesla derived Technology.

For now, check out this Video on HAARP  and view a Slide Show of more photographs from that day. And, Think about what great things you have learned, and will learn.

Yes, weather modification and intentional climate change is possible via the science of HAARP, it's undeniable, it's real and it's the true cause of most strange weather these days. High pressure areas, Low pressure areas, super heated high pressure domes, moving air masses, tornados, hurricanes, etc. Yep, it is all possible and proven with the science of haarp. The carbon cause was a false flag to distract attention and gain world power and control. More to come. (Yes, there is scientific evidence that contradicts the mainstream carbon theory, it is not settled science)


HAARP is the 'Swiss Army Knife' of energy tools. What else can it do?

Power Grid manipulation is no problem - Voltage can be induced into any power line transformer to either raise or lower normal operating voltage depending on phase. This means a power grid anywhere in the world can be attacked causing widespread blackouts. But, any country worth it's salt can mitigate this with a power grid upgrade. 

Earthquakes and Volcanoes at will - Easy Peasy, just find a vulnerable spot and vibrate the earth down deep with directed energy of the right frequency and pow! the areas pent-up energy is magnified and released.

Lightning with or without rain - Yes of course, though in conjunction with a space based laser providing precision targeting and triggering by creating an ionized conductive path for the lightning to follow is the way to go, unless you just want some random strikes. So, it would be easy to blast a munitions depot or any target of choice. Ball Lightning too, maybe - What fun!, with laser precision.

Bring down a Building - Oh Yeah, just do a frequency sweep to find the structures resonant frequency and lock on for a time and the structure will vibrate, sway and move for no apparent reason, keep it up with increasing power and down will fall baby cradle and all., (works best on steel framed amusement park rides and high-rise towers, like in Florida)

Mess with Human Emotions and other Animal Behavior - Sure, bio-frequencies are no problem, just have to figure them all out.

And the mundane - Finding underground tunnels, Geological surveys for minerals, ores, gases and oil etc., are all standard.

More to Come.

Climate Change - Global Warming - Greenhouse Gas - Drought - Floods - Severe Weather - Hurricanes - Tornados

... Basically its like this, Natural changes as well as Un-Natural changes from Haarp weather modifications - cause temperature rise and melting permafrost and this raises Atmospheric Carbon - But it is twisted around to appear as if carbon comes first and pushed as a means of World Government and Control by the evil elite... who con you into thinking carbon reduction and lots of money and new laws will help. Yes, I Know, but it is True. The videos will help you understand, or at least give you a new perspective about what is going on.


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Think for your self, if their lies are allowed to go uncontested they will get their world domination that they seek and Freedom will cease to exist for all but them.