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Astral Salaam
The Astral World The Astral Planes and Other Worlds of Sprit Science Of Breath, Ramacharaka
Byron Lewis & Frank Pucelik - Magic of NLP Demystified C.G. Jung - The Shadow How to See the Aura
The Body Mirror System of Healing - How It All Works Quotations - the Masons & Lucifer connection THE CROWD – A STUDY OF THE POPULAR MIND
Conquest-of-Fear - Sri Swami Sivananda The Art of True Healing The Occult Technology Of Power
Arbatel Of Magick PAWNS in the GAME The Queen of Sheba and Her Only Son Menyelek


Shunryu Suzuki [Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind]         Audio mp3

01 Prologue - Beginner's Mind

02 Right Practice - Posture

03 Right Practice - Breathing

04 Right Practice - Control

05 Right Practice - Mind Weeds

06 Right Practice - The Marrow of Zen

07 Right Practice - Bowing

08 Right Practice - Nothing Special

09 Right Attitude - Single-minded Way

10 Right Attitude - Repetition

11 Right Attitude - Zen and Excitement

12 Right Attitude - Right Effort

13 Right Attitude - No Trace

14 Right Attitude - God Giving


15 Right Attitude - Mistakes In Practice

16 Right Attitude - Limiting Your Activity

17 Right Attitude - Study Yourself.

18 Right Attitude - To Polish a Tile

19 Right Attitude - Nirvana, the Waterfall

20 Right Understanding - Traditional Zen Spirit

21 Right Understanding - Transiency

22 Right Understanding - Emptiness

23 Right Understanding - Believing In Nothing

24 Right Understanding - Original Buddhism

25 Buddha's Enlightenment

26 Epilogue - Zen Mind



Let's Talk
Anthony Robbins - In Cahoots with God Tariq Ramadan - The Struggle for Identity, Finding a Path for Islam in the 21st Century Penelope Smith - Speaking with Animals
Michael Beckwith - Portrait of an Awakening   Dadi Janki - I, the Soul, Belong to God


Timothy Leary - How to Operate Your Brain In-tentional Chaos - Deal with it Use it Control it - Look closly use Headphones!
We are all connected is a message here, and question authority is also a message, this is fine and good. But, would our Human Village even work with a central One World Government? No, I don't think so, it never will, not without total domination of the individual. Would you want Communist China for instance dictating what you can and can not do here in the USA? That would be crazy, right?. Or would you want the UN to become the supreme World Authority over all nations? Of course not, you did not elect them. The bigger Government gets the less you matter as an individual and the less your independ-ant voice matters. If you are allowed to even have a voice at all it will be theirs or to their advantage. So, watch the Video and know the real message is Power to the People, but do not be a pawn, be an individual disconnected from the massive control tricks that bombard you every day in the news the media and ads and entertainment and schools and so on. Be free to form your own opinion, I am here to help you my brothers and my sisters - and cats...


01. Phi - The Golden Number

02. The Golden Ratio

03. Fibonacci Series - Pattern of Life

04. All-Knowing Harmonic Progression

05. Absolute 33 - Pyramid Power Frequency

06. Sri Yantra Mandala - Om Creation Sound


A Journey Into Yourself

Find Healing In Relaxation

It's A Beautiful Life

Lost In Dreams

Musical Fantasies

Voyage To Dreamland

A Dreamer In Paradise

Dreamboat To Happiness

Floating Harmonies

Let Your Soul Float

Music Is A Perfect Dream

The Very Thought Of You


Brain Sync - Ecstasy - Ecstasy - 1 - Music + Brainwaves Ecstasy - 2 - Music + Brainwaves
Brain Sync - The Secret  - The Secret - 01 - Meditation (intro) The Secret - 02 - Meditation


Rex Sikes - Attitude Activator (NLP-Hypnosis)    -  Positive messages with sex appeal - Oooh!

01 - Brahman

02 - Mahatma

03 - Varanasi Morning

04 - La Vie

05 - Mountains Of Karma

06 - Sri Ram

07 - Northstar

08 - The Silence


01 Hey You, Yes... You! (At The Gate Of Sound) 01 Behind The Gardens - Behind The Wall - Under The Tree





  As for you, let not your heart be troubled by the gift you are possessed of ,
 for it was surely given to you for some purpose, and you could not be held
responsible for it. Quite the reverse! For if you but use it with discrimination
you will be enabled to do much good to your fellow-creatures.


The Alchemy Key


All the magical operations consist in 
freeing one's self from the coils of the Ancient Serpent;
then to place the foot on its head, and lead it according to the
operator's will. 'I will give unto thee,' says the Serpent, in the Gospel myth, 'all the
kingdoms of the earth, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.' The initiated
should reply to him, 'I will not fall down, but thou shalt crouch at my feet; thou
wilt give me nothing, but I will make use of thee and take whatever I wish. For 
I am thy Lord and Master!