Astral Learning from those that Know-

"There is a fact of logic that when a premise is wrong, any conclusions made from that premise are also
wrong. Since I had discovered a premise of science that was wrong, or at the very best incomplete, I
deduced that many or all of the conclusions made by modern science were also wrong. At the very least,
they were ignoring some major facts."

"But even what I read in the Bible didn't agree with my Catholic belief system! Heavy questions nagged in
my heart. Why does the Catholic church insist that Jesus is the son of God, when Jesus called himself the
"son of man" repeatedly? Why do they pray, "Lord, I am not worthy to receive you" then immediately
they receive him? Why do they pray for their own petty interests instead of entrusting that God would
take care of the world? Why do they preach about needing to fear God? Why do they hold carnivals and
bingo games when Jesus said not to use a place of worship in these ways, and even kicked
moneychangers out of a temple? Why, indeed, do they pass a money plate in church? Why do they spend
millions and millions of dollars on grandiose churches-- have you ever seen St. Peters Basilica? --when
people are starving? Why do they call the pope, "our holy father" when Jesus said not to call anyone
father (Matthew 23:9)? Why do the Catholics go to church and pray in public when Jesus said, "when
you pray, go into a room by your secret place" (Matthew 6:5). Why do people go to church
on Sunday (Sabbath is Saturday) and are unspiritual the rest of the week? It seemed wrong that, as a Catholic,
going to church was my obligation and, once fulfilled, I was free to be as mundane and unspiritual as I wanted. 
Just one out-of-body experience blasted that whole hypocritical concept out of the water: During my OBE, I saw
that I was a spiritual being--in fact, I was a spirit--and the thought of dying without some real
relationship with God was scary. Before my OBE, it was enough to recite prayers I didn't even
understand. After my OBE, it was clear I needed to do more."


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