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The Cat Rescue
The Home Repairs
The Cars

Your donation helps these important projects and more, any amount will help and is Greatly Appreciated.

My goal is to raise $40,000 from fund raising efforts like this. The Cat Project alone costs $50 a week not including medical, I can't afford to do it alone. The Home Project has been idle for years for lack of funds... I won't even talk about the Car Project here.

But with your help of  $1 or $5 or $25 or whatever you can do, a positive outcome is one step closer.

A Donation helps bring a brighter future to so many. I will see to it that no dollar goes to waste, I will show the progress online so you can follow along if you like and others can too as my Web Project expands and I reach more people with your help.

Thank You so much for your support.
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Limited Edition Gallery Print
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Set of 5 Official Promotional Posters
Baseball All Star Game 2001
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Donate any amount and know you are helping a good cause.

The Cat Project consists of about 30 cats and is always a priority in need of food, litter and medical care etc...

The Home Project is a family house not my own, built in 1940, I have been working on repairs and updates and hope to blog about it as work is done. No Funding at this moment though,  I can not do this without you! I will have more for you later, I hope to gain as many people involved in this as possible. It will be fun to get back to work on it.

The Car Project could be fun, I am open to ideas... It is lower on my list than other Projects though it is my personal favorite, but still needs funding!. There has to be interest in Cars... Let me know your ideas on this.


Option 2 with $100 donation.

Set of 5 Official All Star Promotional Posters from 2001

Featuring these players voted MVP in previous games:

Derek Jeter
Mike Piazza 
Pedro Martinez
Ken Griffey jr
Ichiro Suzuki

These are New Old Stock 8½ x 11 Major League Baseball Posters promoting the 72nd All Star Game in Seattle.

Perfect for the Sports Memorabilia collector, Limited to Stock on hand of Approximately 50 sets.

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